Recap of ONEXPLAYER 2 Global Launch

Last Sunday, the founder of ONEXPLAYER/One-Netbook, Mr. Jack Wang presented the latest ONEXPLAYER 2 to the public in the live event. The press conference covered the models released by ONEXPLAYER, as well as the major hardware and software advancements in the past year. It also provided a glimpse into the future development of the ONEXPLAYER 2 and offered a detailed analysis of all the features and components of the ONEXPLAYER 2. 

Looking back on the past year

The ONEXPLAYER team has invested a significant amount of effort into improving the hardware of its products. In the past year, ONEXPLAYER released several new products with milestone processors, starting with the 7-inch mini handheld equipped with an Intel 12th generation Core i7 processor in March 22, and followed by the latest generation of AMD Ryzen 7 miniPRO with 6800U processor in October 22. Both media editors and our users have praised the strong performance and exclusive tuning of these products after testing them.


The positioning of the 2nd generation

The versatile and powerful ONEXPLAYER 2 is positioned as an all-around multi-functional player for work, life, entertainment and gaming. With its detachable handle design, this new generation of PC gaming handheld can be easily transformed to suit your different needs. Whether it's playing PC 3A masterpieces with the controller plugged in, using it as a tablet for drawing, writing and watching videos, or connecting it to a magnetic keyboard for gaming on-the-go, ONEXPLAYER 2 is designed to provide the ultimate versatility and convenience.

Additionally, when paired with a large-screen monitor, it also serves as a game office host. This revolutionary design was first introduced by ONEXPLAYER 2, and we believe that this new generation of PC consoles will set the trend and showcase the charm of PC gaming to a wider audience.

Configuration —— The AMD 6800U Powerhouse

The ONEXPLAYER 2 has top-of-the-line hardware, including an AMD Radeon 7 6800U processor, AMD Radeon 680M core graphics, and LPDDR5 6400MHz high-frequency memory. Its PCIe 3.0 x 4 NVMe solid state drive has a power consumption of 15-20W, ensuring smooth performance for even the most demanding games. Each hard drive is equipped with a nano-carbon copper heat sink, which helps to reduce the temperature by 7 degrees Celsius, providing a more seamless gaming experience for players.


Screen —— An Exceptional 8.4" Visual Experience

The ONEXPLAYER 2 features an 8.4-inch full lamination IPS screen with a high resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a color gamut of 100% sRGB, resulting in a pixel density of 358PPI and crystal clear 2.5K ultra-high definition display. The screen supports 10-point touch and 4096 levels of pressure-sensitive original handwriting, making it easy to use with a variety of operating methods. The dynamic picture is clearer and details are rendered realistically, providing an enhanced visual perception for users.


Cooling System —— Ensures Optimal Performance

The ONEXPLAYER 2 has a single fan design with a 75 mm diameter and 71 LCD polymer fan blades for increased hardness and reduced noise. The fan also has PWM speed control to automatically adjust its speed based on temperature. The device has two 8.6 mm wide copper tubes with a return-shaped design and a surface area of 10,108 square millimeters for enhanced heat dissipation. It also has a Honeywell phase change thermal conductivity fin and a measured power consumption of 28W. After running for one hour, the front and back temperatures of the device range from 21-40.9℃, and the grip area remains at a low temperature.


Grip and Controls —— Enhance Gaming Experience

As a gaming handheld, the grip and control experience of the handle is crucial. The ONEXPLAYER 2 has ergonomically designed curves on the sides and bottom of the grip to provide an excellent grip and reduce pressure. The staggered layout of the grip buttons allows players to get started and use it immediately.


In terms of components, the ONEXPLAYER 2 uses an ALPS gaming-grade joystick with a 7.5mm height and 18-degree tilt angle. The device's self-researched algorithm enables the joystick to have no inner circle dead zone and supports auto-calibration. The trigger and shoulder keys use ALPS original accessories, with a linear trigger stroke of about 8.1mm and a micro-action shoulder key with a key stroke of 0.2-1mm. The handle also has a built-in dual vibration motor that can be adjusted for a more realistic game feedback and immersive gaming experience.


Software —— The Player Center offers new features

ONEXPLAYER 2 stands out in terms of its software as well. After months of development and improvement, the latest version of the Player Center now offers global frame locking in addition to basic functions like adjusting power consumption, GPU frequency, and fan speed. 

Enabling global frame lock allows ONEXPLAYER 2 to adjust power consumption automatically, optimizing the smoothness of gameplay and extending battery life. The Player Center software that supports frame lock has received high praise from users on other ONEXPLAYER models, and ONEXPLAYER 2 will come with this version pre-installed. The ONEXPLAYER team is dedicated to continuously improving the gaming experience for players based on user feedback.


The above is the review of our press conference. 

If you want to watch the full replay of the press conference, you can go to our youtube channel to watch the replay. 


We will continue to work hard as always, engage in research and development, make products in a down-to-earth manner, continue to cultivate in the field of mini handhelds, create a well-known handheld brand that belongs to the Chinese, and sell our No. 1 game handhelds to All over the world, thank our fans and users, our partners, media teachers, and everyone!

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