🤖ONEXPLAYER Mini Pro Tutorial for Beginners

After a wave of promotional activities, we believe that many of our gamers have got their favorite ONEXPLAYER Mini Pro and started playing their favourite games! Of course, there are also many players who have concerns about Windows consoles and how it works. Today we will bring you the official ONEXPLAYER Mini Pro tutorial for beginners, and some solutions to common problems.

So, you received your console. What's next?

Congratulations on receiving your new ONEXPLAYER Mini Pro! You can start enjoying the games directly, but if you want to take a step further, you may check out the following steps to perform an inspection prior to the games.

Step 1: Download Windows update. The update does not seem to have an impact on gaming and is safe to download.[Older machines can download Windows update 22H2 (optional)]

Step 2:  Download AMD adrenaline from AMD's website. Here's the link


Step 3: Confirm your product's specs are correspondent to the model you ordered.

a. correct battery capacity

Run command prompt > type: powercfg /batteryreport, then press Enter.

b. hall sensor and controller functionality

Visit https://gamepad-tester.com/ and test controller inputs. Test joystick, Hall effect joysticks should achieve around 0.2% error.

Step 4: It's totally optional. But you can update the ONEPLAYER Player Center to latest version. 

Once you finished these steps. You could be rest assured and download the games to your handheld to play! In addition to the official tutorial, you may take a look on the suggestions that our ONEXPLAYER user offered on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question   Answer
OXP Player Center does not start or appears abnormal(More details are shown below )

It is recommended to delete OXP Player Center directly and download and install it again through the following link

If the download still does not open, it is because the Windows sercurity is not closed or the installation is not completed (no error, but actually not completely installed successfully)

Solution: Turn off the device completely for 3 minutes and reboot. Install the file directly.

Where is the drivers for ONEXPLAYER mini 6800u model?

It can be downloaded here


 The driver link of intel 12 is also added here


Some games do not work properly, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Because of the game's hardware requirements, as well as the recent instability of the Win11 system, resulting in a flashback jam when running this game. Even the situation can not be opened.General. To solve such a problem is.

1. wait for the AMD graphics driver update (there may be an official update already), direct detection update installation on it.

2. waiting for the game update. The general speed of this will be very slow. Because the general graphics card company to adapt to the popular game. The game will not be specifically for the system update.

Some optimization and best settings of games tested for reference(From Discord users)

👉: Discord Community entrance

Some optimization and best settings of games tested for reference:
(1) Overwatch 2
1200p Medium, TDP 15W, GPU 600mhz. 60FPS.

(2) Motorstorm PS3.
720p, TDP 15W, GPU 1800mhz. 30FPS.

(3) PS remote play via chiaki.
1080p, TDP 8W, GPU 200mhz. 60FPS

(4) Destiny 2.
800P, Low Settings, TDP 10W, GPU 1100mhz, 45 FPS. (From Discord users @Ross )

(5) Uncharted.
1200p basic, FSR on balanced, TDP 18W, fps cap ingame 30, Gpu 1100mhz, special video settings, first 2 Ultra - last 3 low. (From Discord users @xLuxSoldi3Rx )


If your ONEXPLAYER CENTER does not work

Step 1: Delete the OXP app  

Click the option"open the file location”

And click"uninstall oxp”

Keep click “next” to uninstall

Step 2: Close the background task

Check the task manager to see whether you still have the “OXP” or CompatLayerCT.
If you do. Click and close them all

Step 3Install the app

Download by http://www.onexplayer.com/service/download/

Or the link you got from www.onexplayerstore.com

To get the latest version


If the solution not help. Please try the below one:

Step 1: Modify the registry: Open the Start/menu to find "Run", or press the keyboard win+R 

Enter regedit, and press enter  
Follow the path to the file (Config) to open the file pointed to by the pointer on the right and change the value to 0

Step 2Disable kernel isolation

Open Start/Menu - Settings -Windows Security Center and follow these steps


We hope everyone could enjoy your games!

Most users are able to use ONEXPLAYER smoothly with no problem, but sometimes small bugs do occur. We geniunely hope that your experience with ONEXLAYER is going on well! If you have questions or tips you'd like to share, you can join our Discord community, where there are over 5,000 active users who share their stories and daily gaming with ONEXPLAYER every day. There are also our team staff moderating, who can answer any questions you may have!





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