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Console players are always looking for an improved gaming experience when it comes to controllers and joysticks. Today, we're excited to share with our ONEXPLAYER fans a blog post about the breakthroughs that the ONEXPLAYER team has made in joystick technology.

1. The algorithmic breakthrough

The ONEXPLAYER team has made significant advancements in joystick technology through the optimization of our algorithm. This has led to the reduction of the dead zone in our joysticks, making them more responsive and accurate. The latest ONEXPLAYER devices such as mini Pro and our upcoming ONEXPLAYER 2 have no dead zone at all and feature numerical change feedback with a return to 0.00002 every time, resulting in a more regular and precise circle. Additionally, the average error rate of the circle edge is 0.1% and the outer circle has almost no excess part.

When compared to other brands, the ONEXPLAYER 2 joystick stands out for its tangent circle test, which shows that only the ONEXPLAYER joystick and one other joystick produce a perfect circle. The ONEXPLAYER joystick and the joystick of this competitor have almost no circumcision, while the joysticks of several other competitors have some circumcision.

Furthermore, the ONEXPLAYER joystick also excels in the test without a central dead zone, as it changes value when moved slightly. In the normalization test, the ONEXPLAYER joystick has a normalization value of 0.00002 after each movement, while the normalization value of the joysticks of other competitors changes every time.



XBOX handle

Fly Smart Octopus


2. The two key values

Two key values that greatly impact the gaming experience are response time and refresh rate. A shorter response time means a faster response speed from the finger to the joystick to the game. The OneXPlayer joystick has a response time of 0.1 milliseconds after testing. A higher refresh rate leads to a more precise and smooth aiming operation in the game when the joystick is moved. The OneXPlayer joystick's refresh rate is a high of 500 Hz, which is a leading level in the industry.

3. The automatic calibration program specially developed for the joystick

Advanced algorithms are used to prevent joystick drift and eliminates the need for adjustment through third-party applications, making the experience more seamless and reliable for the user.

4. The choice of rocker types

We have taken the initiative to provide the option of dual joysticks. Initially, we only supported ALPS potentiometer joysticks, but now we have added the option for Hall joysticks as well. This achievement is a result of our R&D team's significant effort to develop program algorithms that match different joystick types, ensuring that the experience is consistent across both types, including no dead zone, same sensitivity and accuracy, and automatic calibration. This allows users to choose the joystick that best suits their hand feeling and preferences.

In Summary

The players of PC games and handhelds are typically more experienced and dedicated. To meet gamers' needs, it is important to consistently improve and refine the details of our product. We will continue to perfect the details and bring you a better ONEXPLAYER!

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