The past, present and future of ONEXPLAYER

【ONEXPALYER is ready to celebrate its 5th anniversary, thank you for accompanying us along the way. Let's look back at our past and look forward to the future!】

The past

The original brand concept of ONEXPLAYER:

The ONE-NETBOOK notebook is aimed at business people who need to travel a lot. The notebook is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to fully meet your daily office needs.

Now we are proud to introduce the OneNetbook T1!(Click here to order)

In the future, we will continue to iterate and optimize the first generation of products to develop a more user-friendly, practical, and suitable for business and multi-scene use notebooks.

With industry-leading technology and extensive experience with portable devices, ONEXPLAYER was the first to establish a reputation as a portable, high-performance business notebook.

In 2021, we released our first gaming console, ONEXPLAYER intel 1165, which caused an uproar in the handheld world because it was not only a handheld that could play large 3A games, but also a mini notebook with windows 10 system. You are with him, you can do what you want on your computer anytime and anywhere, and he is only about 800g.

According to the continuous stacking changes in the game market, better and better games are appearing on the market one after another, and the configuration requirements for handhelds are also increasing. In order to improve the user's gaming experience, ONEXPLAYER keeps pace with the times and continuously introduces higher performance configurations. Better gaming consoles, the ONEXPLAYERER MINI - AMD® Ryzen® 4800U and the ONEXPLAYERER MINI - AMD® Ryzen® 5800U have come out one after another, and both have been well received in the market.

The present:

Just this month, ONEXPLAYER once again released a new model of the industry-leading ONEXPLAYERER MINI - AMD® Ryzen® 6800U, equipped with the best CPU ever - AMD Ryzen 7 6800U and AMD Radeon 680M graphics card. Your top gaming experience. The most important thing is that we have also made great improvements in operation.

The development of ONEXPLAYERER GAMER CENTER allows players to adjust the configuration of the device with one click. Players can maintain the longest battery life in the smoothest gaming experience through ONEXPLAYERER GAMER CENTER, which greatly improves the playability of ONEXPLAYERER.

There is also the unique RGB system of this model, so that your ONEXPLAYERER can also shine at night, making your gaming experience at night to a higher level.

The most important thing is that the 6800 U is equipped with the best handle-Hall Sensor. The joystick is more stable and reliable than the previous generation. There is no dead zone and no elegance, so that your operations can be more accurately reflected in the game and improve your game.

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The future

ONEXPLAYERER will make more improvements in the shape, built-in accessories and software in the future, so that the player's experience in the game has a qualitative improvement. ONEXPLAYERER aspires to become one of the most competitive brands in the handheld industry, and to become a bridge between players and top games.

Big news, we will soon launch a new game machine OneXFly (Click here to watch)

With more powerful hardware and a cooler luminous system,Stay tuned!

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