🎃 Happy Halloween! Have you tried these horror games on ONEXPLAYER?

Halloween has been one of the fourth most popular holiday, and our favourite holiday.

Do you know why? It's fun enough for everyone to enjoy the preparation and celebration. More importantly, orange is the party color!
(So is ONEXPLAYER's brand color.)

In this week's blog, we picked five horror games that are good enough to lighting up your Halloween night. The good thing with a handheld console is that you may play the horror games in your blanket and not get paranoid for  👻 behind you when playing at the desktop. Try them on your ONEXPLAYER!


1. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Developed by Supermassive Games, the horror game "The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope" was released on the Halloween eve in 2020.

In this interactive drama survival horror game there are five main characters to be controlled by the player. They are on their way to the field trip destination encountered an accident, which led them to be trapped in a bizarre town called "Little Hope". In order to escape, they must unravel the secrets hidden behind the town.


It is worth mentioning that the game supports multiplayer online, and can be played by 5 people at the same time. If you happened to have friends visiting around, or decide to have a horror game night with your family member, know you have an extra device at home so that both of you could enjoy the game!

2. Amnesia Rebirth

In Amnesia. Rebirth, players take on the role of "Tasi Trianon" piecing together shattered memories in a dungeon located deep in the Algerian desert. While searching for memories, players will also have to stop the growing fear in the mind of "Tasi Trianon", as monsters that feed on fear keep following. 

Unlike playing on PC, ONEXPLAYER's linear motor brings you the haptic feedback to achieve a better immersive experience. Will you fall for the jump scares?

3. Phasmophobia

The game "Phasmophobia", which was launched on September 19 this year, was once the top-selling game on Steam and one of the most popular horror games on ONEXPLAYER. We've also recently seen videos on Twitter or YouTube of players using ONEXPLAYER to demonstrate their Phasmophobia gameplay.

Phasmophobia is a 4-player online cooperative psychological horror game developed and published by Kinetic Games, where players and team members as paranormal investigators need to enter haunted locations full of paranormal activity and collect as much evidence of the existence of paranormal phenomena as possible. Instead of over-using sound effects or jump scare scenes, Phasmophobia leverages the details in the game to make you feel fear. But when you team up with you pal, things get interesting (and halirous...maybe). The more players, the more fun you get from this gameplay! 

4. Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack" is a horror 3D platformer developed by Nicholas Masonnier. Although categorized as a horror game, the overall style of the game is placed on a cute cartoon. If you'd play something that is not with a traditional horror style, check out Pumpkin Jack this week!

The new ONEXOLAYER MINI PRO is now equipped with the ONEXPLAYER GAMER CENTER where you can customize a few game settings including the RGB lighting. Add some pumpkin color to your Halloween with ONEXPLAYER's new feature! 

5. Alone in the Dark

In this THQ Nordic online exhibition 2022, the classic game "Alone in the Dark" reboot was officially revealed. This is a survival game launched in 1992, considered as the first modern horror game. Players take on the role of an investigator Edward Carnby, to investigate a Derceto manor or town full of undead monsters, and unlock the secrets there. It is said to be possibly released in early 2023 and we'll be keeping an eye on it!


🎁 Enjoy our spooktacular offer this week




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