Meet the One-Netbook Product Family

Dear friends,

If this is your first time exploring ONEXPLAYER's official website, you may be confused and will spend quite a lot of time comparing the product specs, prices, sizes, etc.

Which model should I go for? 🤔

Today, we bring you a brief overview of each model that is available on our online store at the moment, as well as their official positioning. We hope to make it easier for you to choose!


—— The future of gaming, portable consoles that let you play anywhere, any time.

- If you prefer Intel over AMD, or you are a big-screen lover, this 8.4" large screen console provides you with the greatest immersive experience. It also has great compatibility with our keyboard. ONEXPLAYER 1S is considered the most classic model we have, and is on sale for $300 OFF at the moment!
- Also coming with a big screen, ONEXPLAYER 4800 is the most cost-effective console you can get without compromising any key specs and your gaming experience. It currently has a low inventory and is about to sell out.
🔥 8.4" The Refurbished ONEXPLAYER 1165G7
- Same quality, but much lower in price! Every weekend we restock few refurbished consoles. If you're new to portable gaming, this could be a great starter model to invest in. Mark your calendar and don't miss out on the limited refurbished consoles every week!
- Similar spec compared to the 8.4" inch 1S model, but in a smaller size. This is our most lightweight console with the greatest screen-to-body ratio to fit in your pocket and support your gaming anywhere.
🔥7" ONEXPLAYER Mini 5800U
- This is the AMD version of the ONEXPLAYER Mini. What's more, the 7" models now work well with our new docking. The 5800U also has a white version and 1280*800 options.
🔥7" ONEXPLAYER Mini with 12th Gen CPU
- Experience the unprecedented power! This is the latest ONEXPLAYER powered by the 12th gen CPU. Unfortunately, it is sold out at the moment. Stay tuned for the back-in-stock notification!

One-Netbook Series

—— One-Netbook's award winning masterpieces, the classic business Mini PC series

- Designed for business travelers, the rotating One-Netbook 4 mini laptop reduces your burden and brings wonderful office performance. With its hardware and touch screen, you can quickly handle various tasks along the way. One-Netbook 4 received lively feedback in the Japanese market.


- This is a rather niched product but it is widely acclaimed in geeky and engineering fields. As an engineering mini laptop that fits in your palm, A1 Pro's core application lies in the commissioning of equipment in the server room or live sites with its powerful performance.
- This is One-Netbook's first 3-in-1 Windows tablet. We proudly present this versatile solution to meet your daily needs for work, media consumption or gaming. The 12th gen CPU and LPDDR5 ensures the performance for handling complex tasks such as CAD software or video editing. It also comes with stylus or keyboard option for you to use as a laptop, a tablet or a canva.

We hope you get a better understanding of the One-Netbook family after reading this blog today! If you have a specific topic you'd like us to look into, please let us know through our Facebook/Discord community or via email. We will make the arrangement as soon as possible. 😺

See you next Wednesday!
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