Driver Downloads and FAQs for Each ONEXPLAYER Model

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General FAQs
Where can I download the latest drivers?
How do I contact the technical support of ONEXPLAYER?
Why do the joystick/mouse move by themselves?
How do I restore the system on ONEXPLAYER?
Why does the mouse cursor jump all over the place?
How do I turn off the vibration of joysticks?
Why am I not able to charge the console?
Why does the game quit unexpectedly?
How do I reduce fan noise?
Why is FPS low?
How do I create a partition?
How do I access BIOS?
OneXConsole/Player Center Fix Guide
OXP2 Flashing LED Lights and Buttons Don't work (burn mode)
OXP2 Volume Button Fix(change from keyboard/home to volume up and down)
OXP2 Controller Calibration
ONEXPLAYER 2 Drivers Installation
OXP2 Day 1 Exclusive Guide
How to restore you device
How to enter BIOS on ONEXPLAYER 2
How can I adjust the volume on ONEXPLAYER 2
How To Add Refresh Rates - 30 and 40 Hz
What does Turbo Key do?
Key Functions
Keyboard & Mouse Mode
Important Considerations When Installing New AMD GPU Drivers
Calibrating Joystick Support When Experiencing Drift
Fixing a Continuously Flashing LED and No Input on the Controller
ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO 6800U variant BIOS download
Why isn't the operating system activated?
Does ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO support 5G Wi-Fi?
How do I update the firmware on ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO?
What is the warranty period for ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO?
Can I connect external devices to ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO?
What is the screen resolution of ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO?
What is the battery life of ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO?
Games Not Scaling Properly on OXP MINI PRO's Screen (AMD variant)
Optimal Game Settings and Recommendations For AMD Variant
Joystick Calibration Tutorial for OXP MINI PRO
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