• OneXConsole (Game Center) Download Link

    OneXConsole Version 0.6.8 Update Download HERE. Added Sound-Responsive Vibration Introducing sound-responsive vibration, allowing you to experience vibration effects in games that don't support them by monitoring the system's audio intensity. This feature is particularly effective with retro emulator games. Added Gyroscope Auto-Start Toggle for Apps You can now enable an option to automatically start the gyroscope, enabling you to recognize virtual controllers before Steam's startup. Added...
  • ONEXPLAYER 2/2 Pro Drivers Download List

    For ONEXPLAYER 2 (6800U) Download here. Automatic installation instructions for driver package: Turn off Microsoft Defender. Decompress the driver package to your desktop or another location. Open the decompressed driver folder and find setup.exe. Right-click on it and choose "Run as administrator" to automatically install the driver. Download the graphics card driver and click on setup to install it, or double-click on it to start the...
  • ONE-NETBOOK T1 Drivers

    For ONE-NETBOOK T1 All Drivers: Download here.
  • ONEXPLAYER MINI & MINI Pro Drivers Download List

    For ONEXPLAYER MINI (AMD 5800U) All drivers: Download here. For ONEXPLAYER MINI PRO 6800U BIOS download: Download here. For ONEXPLAYER MINI (INTEL-1195G7) All Drivers: Download here. Controller Driver: Download here. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Driver: Download here. Sound Module: Download here. Graphics Driver: Download here.
  • ONEXPLAYER 8.4'' AMD (4800U/5700U) Drivers Download List

    For ONEXPLAYER 8.4'' AMD (4800U/5700U) All Drivers: Download here. Graphics Driver: Download here. WiFi & Bluetooth Module Diver: Download here. Sound Module Driver: Download here.
  • ONEXPLAYER 8.4'' 1/1S (1165/1185/1195) Drivers Download List

    For ONEXPLAYER 8.4'' 1/1S (1165/1185/1195) All Drivers: Download here. Sound Module Driver: Download here. Bluetooth Driver: Download here. Wi-Fi Module Driver: Download here. Fingerprint Sensor Driver: Download here. Graphics Driver: Download here. Controller Drive: Please record the SN number of your console and contact support@onexplayerstore.com. We will attend to your issue immediately.
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