General FAQs

Q: How do I contact technical support of ONEXPLAYER?
A: For any technical issues, please feel free to contact our support team at
Q. Why do the joystick/mouse move by themselves?
A: Onexplayer series device equipped with an automatic calibrate function of joystick to ensure automatic recovery after long-term use and maintain the best accuracy. The main reason for the movement of individual joystick is that the shortcut keys conflict when installing some software. You can contact us ( to obtain the corresponding driver to solve this problem.
Q: Why does the mouse cursor jump all over the place?
A: Please check that your ONEXPLAYER screen is not covered by tempered glass protector as it may impact the joystick. If such issue remains, please contact us at: We will respond to you as soon as we can.
Q: How to turn off vibration of joysticks?
A: Please press back key while pressing the left joystick, and then press the trigger key on the right to turn off or turn on the vibration.
Q: Why am I not able to charge the console?
A: Please make sure to use the original charger and charging cable to charge the device, because the charging power of the plug of each Onexplayer series are different, and the device has been specially debugged for the charging plug and charging cable of each model.
Q: Why does game quit unexpectedly?
A: Onexplayer series device can play most 3A games on the market; please first ensure whether the game patch has been installed, and check whether the files installed by the game have changed (including folder path, files, etc.), and finally update the latest graphics card driver on Intel or AMD official website.
Q: How do I reduce fan noise?
A: You can press the mute button on the left hand side on the back to mute the fan.
Q: Why is FPS low?
A: Some 3A games require higher graphics performance. It is recommended that you adjust the screen resolution to 1280 * 800 to run such games to improve FPS.
Q: How do I create a partition?
A: Please follow the following steps:
1. Right click "This computer" - select "Management" - "Disk Management";
2. Right click disk to be partitioned - select "Compressed Volume" and enter compressed space;
3. Right click compressed space - "Allocate Volume"
Q: How do I access BIOS?
A: If you connect to extra usb keyboard. You can press ESC button to enter bios, more solution please view:
Q: How do I restore system on OnexPlayer?
A: Note that system restoration will wipe out all your data. Back up your data before restoration.
Step 1: Press Power button for 1.5 seconds (power light is ON and screen is not ON), and then press and hold "Home" key + click "Volume +" key.
Step 2: Enter Select page, activate Keyboard and Mouse mode or connect an external keyboard and a mouse, and select "UEFI OS".
Step 3: Press * button corresponding function in keyboard and mouse mode.
Step 4: After entering Restoration page, select "System Recovery" to restore. Make sure there is at least 60% battery life left or the device is plugged in.
Q: Why is operating system not activated?
A: The operating system is usually activated automatically when connected. Sometimes there are delays on the Microsoft Server end and the activation may be a bit slow. Click "Troubleshooting" on the activation page for solutions or wait for about 24 hours.
If none of the above works, please send the picture of the SN number (shown on the back of your device) to us at We will verify your issue and send back a new activation code when deemed necessary.

FAQs relevant to ONEXPLAYER MINI - 7 inch Intel ® i7-1195 G7

Q. Does ONEXPLAYER MINI support TF card?
A: No, ONEXPLAYER MINI does not support TF card. However, we offer three configurations including 16GB + 512gb / 16GB + 1TB / 16GB + 2TB to cater for different needs.
Q. Does ONEXPLAYER MINI support kickstand?
A: No, ONEXPLAYER MINI does not support kickstand as it was designed to be more portable.
Q. What is the size and weight of ONEXPLAYER MINI?
A: ONEXPLAYER MINI Intel 1195G7 size: 262cm x 108cm x 23cm; ONEXPLAYER MINI Intel 1195G7 weight: 589g
Q. How does the game assistant work?
A: For now our engineering team is working on a game assistant that can detect and calibrate joysticks, adjust power consumption and fan speed, set resolution, and enable OTA update. Stay tuned for more updates on the game assistant.
Q. What is default TDP of ONEXPLAYER MINI?
A: The default TDP of ONEXPLAYER MINI is 15W. You can also adjust it on the game assistant software that we will release later, with a maximum support of 28W.
Q. What is FPS of each game?
A: It depends. As we have tested, most games can run smoothly on ONEXPLAYER MINI. FPS of each game is related to the configuration requirements, pre-set resolution and quality of graphics rendering.
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