5 Most Played Games on ONEXPLAYER This Summer

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There are behind-the-scene stories related to the development of ONEXPLAYER console, interesting gaming moments shared by our players in the community, hidden ONEXPLAYER tips and tricks that you may not know, and the introduction of future updates by our R&D team.

Today, we are sharing the five most played games on ONEXPLAYER handhelds recently. Guess what they are?

1. Forza: Horizon 5
    Holding your ONEXPLAYER is like holding the steering wheel.
    When we asked users in the questionnaire —— what are the games you play most on our handhelds? One of the games that almost all players would mention was Forza.

    When you get off from work, take out your ONEXPLAYER and drive from where you are to the place you are looking forward to. Enjoy the scenery, the music, the speed with the massive collections of your favorite cars.

    Unlike playing on the PC, you can take advantage of ONEXPLAYER’s linear trigger and gyro, which make the racing game experience better than ever. You can precisely control the acceleration through linear trigger. The newly added gyro feature helps you master the game through tilting the console and controlling the direction.

    This is also why you can see that many of ONEXPLAYER's promotional images are using Forza's gameplay.
    2. GTA Series

      GTA is another action-adventure game that has been an all-time legend.

      In this masterpiece, you can not only experience the thrill of racing, but also get immersed in the impressive storyline and the complex charm of the roles.
      Years after its last release, GTA still gets lively discussion and was in second place in the poll that gamers play regularly.

      Put on your favorite music, and drive down the West Coast highway with your ONEXPLAYER!

      3. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered
        The long wait is over.
        We have waited for a long time for Sony's PlayStation games to move to PC, just as we have waited for a long time for PC games to move to portable gaming handhelds. Now, both of these things have come true.
        (Image credit: Sony)

        What's even better, you can now be the neighbourhood super hero, swinging around New York City for the missions, or just for fun on your portable ONEXPLAYER.

        There has been a lot of discussion about this game in our community recently, as well as some installation problems with the Intel models and corresponding solutions. We have also recorded a quick demo showing you a glance of Spider Man's day!

        4. Stray
          An immersive gaming experience...of being a cat!
          Stray is another game that has been very much discussed this summer. All the cat lovers in our team also made the reservation long before its launch. Recently, we also see videos of players on Twitter or YouTube demonstrating their Stray gameplay with ONEXPLAYER.

          This is a rather simple adventure which takes about 5 hours gameplay. The cyberpunk visual design was great. The story emdebbed was impressive and the fuzzy meow elements... were just irresistible. 🐾

          Portable gaming is all about fun, with flexibility and convenience. You can enjoy hardcore games like 3A masterpieces anytime, anywhere. But you may also want to try some indie games on your handheld. Instead of sitting in front of your desktop staring at the screen, you may just chill with your ONEXPLAYER.

          Wrap up in a blanket and take your game console for an hour before you go to bed. Play with the scratching boards, and softly fall asleep.

          (Image credit: Stray)

          5. Emulation

            Believe it or not, one fourth of our gamers have tried emulation on their ONEXPLAYER. This is the other side of portable gaming. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the parameters of the game consoles are becoming better and better. But there are always some games from our childhood that have been our all-time favorite.

            If you get that nostalgic feeling occasionally and want to experience those retro games that have been unplayable, load up the emulator on your ONEXPLAYER. We have ETA Prime sharing his experience playing different emulation in this video, including PSP, Yuzu, Wii, etc.
            Get into the time machine, and reconnect to your childhood favorites!

            There are also many games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield and so on that were nominated. We will continue to share more players' experiences playing different games with ONEXPLAYER, at different scenes. You are also more than welcomed to share your stories in the community and we will get you featured!
            We will see you next week!
            ONEXPLAYER Team
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