The Onexplayer could be the Nintendo Switch successor you’re looking for


One-Netbook Technology has launched its first handheld games console, the Onexplayer, which aims to let PC players take their games with them on the go in a portable format, and the specs look quite promising for a handheld device.

Launched on May 10 with worldwide shipping available, the Onexplayer might not be the cheapest gaming device around at $1,059 (around £750 / AU$1,345), but consumers can nab the console for $819 (around £580 / AU$1,040) if purchased during the “early bird” sales period via the product’s Indiegogo page.

Powered by an Intel Core 11th-gen processor, the Onexplayer features an 8.4-inch Full-HD IPS display and boasts a 2560 x 1600 resolution, more than double of what will arguably be its closest competitor, the Nintendo Switch. Three different storage sizes are also available, those being 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Big Switch vibes?

Because the Onexplayer is a portable gaming device, it draws obvious comparisons to the Nintendo Switch. Looking at the specs, the advantages the Onexplayer has are clear, beating out the Switch’s 720p screen resolution and pint-sized 32GB of storage.

The big sticking point, of course, is the eye-watering price tag. At four digits, it’s evidently an enthusiast piece of tech, but one that certainly fills an admirable niche. It will be interesting to see just how well the Onexplayer can run triple-A PC titles like Doom Eternal or the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3, a game that’s sure to put that 11th-gen Intel Core processor to the test. 

Most modern games require a discrete GPU to reach anywhere near their full potential, and we’d fear that trying to run them purely on a CPUs integrated graphics may do them a disservice. 

On the other hand, a full blown Windows machine that you can take with you anywhere does have other benefits, opening up the entire internet to you on the go, working options, and the ability to hook up any retro emulator you may enjoy too.

We know that many of you are pining for confirmation of the rumored Nintendo Switch 2, which is said to be an improved version of Nintendo’s now four-years-old portable console. The Onexplayer, then, could offer a solid demonstration as to what a souped up portable device can bring to the table.

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