OneXConsole (Game Center) Update Log and Download Links

OneXConsole Version 0.6.3 Update

Download HERE.

This update brings a host of improvements and bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience. Here's what's new:

  • Game Library Placement Issue: Fixed an issue where the game library wouldn't appear at the top.
  • Controller D-pad Left Button Mapping: Corrected a bug related to mapping the controller's D-pad left button.
  • Xbox Reporting in Low-Power Mode: Improved reporting in low-power mode for Xbox.
  • Joystick Simulation and Keyboard Drift: Addressed joystick simulation and keyboard drift issues in older devices.
  • Joystick WASD and Direction Key Logic: Resolved incorrect keypress logic during rotation for joystick WASD and direction keys.
  • Windows Controller Operations Toggle: Introduced a toggle for the Windows controller operations menu.
  • Maximum Resolution Setting for Certain Models: Fixed the bug preventing certain models like PL2 from setting the maximum resolution.
  • LT and RT Menu Operations: Enhanced the responsiveness of LT and RT menu operations.
  • Fan Preset Interface: Fixed launch issues and improved overall interaction in the fan preset interface.
  • Game Library and Quick Setting Interaction: Streamlined interaction between the game library and the quick setting window.

OneXConsole Version 0.6.1 Update

Download HERE.

In version 0.6.1, we've introduced a range of new features and improvements:

  • Cloud Saves Feature (Beta, Requires Internet Connection):

    • Each player gets 20MB of dedicated cloud save space, supporting up to 20 save directories.
    • Key features include:
      • Encrypted and compressed data transmission.
      • Compressed storage.
      • Support for single account on multiple devices for save synchronization.
      • Upcoming: Save synchronization tools for other Windows devices like desktops, laptops, and handhelds.
  • Programming Controller (OneXFly Model) / Controller Mapping (Other Models) Feature

  • New Skin Settings

  • Third-Party Controller Support (Beta):

    • Use Back + X combination key to replace front-end key.
  • New Advanced Settings:

    • Adjust memory allocation (OneXFly Model).
    • Perform controller calibration (OneXFly Model).
    • Restart your controller (OneXFly Model).
  • Homepage Layout Adjustment:

    • Enhanced content display area.
  • Touchscreen Functionality Added to All Front-End Controller Buttons

  • Default RTSS Template Updated to Support 7840:

    • Updates to RTSS and HWiNFO to their latest versions.
    • Optimized RTSS frame rate locking and scaling settings.
  • Tray Functionality Moved to Pop-up Settings Page

  • Numerous Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

    • Significantly reduced front-end crashes, freezes, and upgrade failures.
    • Bug fixes include:
      • Fixed issue where the game library wouldn't always be at the top.
      • Fixed mapping controller D-pad left button mapping bug.
      • Fixed issue where switching between expand and collapse modes for Xbox reporting in low-power mode (OneXFly Model) wasn't always immediate.

OneXConsole Version 0.5.11 Update

Download HERE.

ONEXCONSOLE 0.5.11 is here with exciting new features and optimizations. Highlights include:

  • Linear Fan Functionality: Control your device's cooling performance with the new linear fan feature, supporting two presets.

  • Custom Game Modifications: Personalize your gaming library by customizing game names and images.

  • Improved Interaction Logic: Stack the quick settings window on top of the game library for easier access and settings modification.

  • Bug Fixes: Addressed issues with incomplete process shutdown and OXP 2nd Gen key conversion after sleep or hibernation.

  • Enhanced UI and Touch Navigation: Enjoy optimized interfaces and touch-based return or close functionality in all menus.

  • Optimized CPU Usage: Experience smoother performance with reduced CPU usage.


OneXConsole Version 0.5.6 Update

Download HERE.

Take your gaming next level with OneXConsole. OneXConsole allows you to tune your device's power consumption, GPU frequency, fan speed, vibration size, resolution, and brightness for the best possible gaming experience.

With one click, you'll have complete control over your device's power consumption, with the ability to adjust the CPU power consumption from 4W to 28W in real time. You can also enable automatic power consumption adjustments after frame lock for a smooth gaming experience and extended endurance time.

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