OneXConsole (Game Center) Download Link

ONEXCONSOLE Version 0.7.1 Download Link:!AilYUA_Au4xW3ivUEWhxw4tZ1FMD?e=V997b3



  1. Added Update Center and Resource Download Module.
  2. Introduced the Player Center PC Collaborative End (used to be installed on other devices, such as desktops, laptops, other Windows handhelds, etc., for synchronizing cloud archives).
  3. Added two lighting effects: Gorgeous Aurora and Winter Warmth. Optimized the operational logic of the lighting effects interface.
  4. Refactored the event response mechanism, making all interface operations smoother.
  5. Optimized sound playback for smoother performance; the sidebar's sound effects will now play more promptly.
  6. Enhanced the animation effects for all pop-up windows in the game library.
  7. Optimized the logic of the turbo key and keyboard key taking over the front-end.
  8. Adapted to the OneXPlayer X1 model (added Intel turbo mode switch, default is off, intelligent frequency will be activated when turned on).
  9. Added a touch close button to the controller keyboard.
  10. Gyroscope now has a mode where LT_RT can be triggered by any press.
  11. Refactored third-party Xbox-like controller adaptation; currently, third-party Xbox-like controllers can fully operate the front end (including Back+X pop-up or virtual mouse mode, etc.).
  12. Fixed the issue of the interface freezing when running uninstalled games.
  13. Optimized the adaptive resolution of some interfaces.
  14. Fixed several bugs.

We hope these enhancements and fixes further improve your gaming experience. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Enjoy your gaming!
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