OXP2 review and recommendations

  • Overall experience is good so far. I can get most games running at 1280x800 lowest settings at 60 fps. Some games need 30watt mode to maintain. The controllers are okay, could have been better with full sized thumb sticks. I wish the controller adapter was included in box for the price. I feel everyone the purchased this hand held should get one for free given the device cost. 


    The recommendations I will list below are a must. As the device simply is less of a device with out them. 


    1. We need Vram allocation in the bios. 3gb is very limiting. The steam deck has 4gb option in the bios. I'd like to see upto 6gb selectable as a option in the bios.

    2. CPU control options in the bios. We need minimum to be able to disable cores. Ideally we would also be able to adjust tdp for the cores or cpu portion to allow more power head room for the GPU. 

    3. New controllers with full sized thumb sticks for the same price as those currently avalible. These Nintendo style sticks are not very nice. They make precision difficult in comparison to those on the steam deck. 


    Nice to haves. System optimization settings in the bios. RTS, FPS or even specific popular games like warzone, GTA, even a emulation configuration. While we have few options in the bios, having fine tuned system settings for specific kinds of games optimized for max performance in that kinda game would be nice. 

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