Advanced battery management on OneXplayer 2 PRO

  • Hi guys i'm MG writing from Italy,

    i'm interested in the OneXplayer 2 PRO but before buying it i'd like to know if the product as a battery management that allow to limit charging of the battery at 70% or 80% when using it connected to hits own charger or to a docking station with PD on the usb-c 4.0 port, that allow to preserve battery health in using it in that condition;

    it's a feature that usually need a bios support and a vendor software that could interact with the bios support;

    i found that feature in some Lenovo, MSI and HP laptop but i know that not all the devices have it; i recently bought a used HP Envy x360 and unfortunately it doesn't have this feature so i will return it to Amazon;

    thanks in advance for that clarification, it's crucial for me to decide if buy or not the device;


    MG - Italy

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