Chimera OS/Linux/SteamOS

  • I've been doing tests with Chimera OS and others. I find the performance to be superior to windows 11. Ive even debloated the crap out of windows 11. Defender isnt even installed. and Chimera is still superior.


    Issue is the Audio. Its as if the audio chip set is disabled. I have to boot into windows to initialize the audio then reboot into chimera os and it works.


    We need OneXplayer to contact Chimera OS on discord and send them a OXP2 and other handhelds so they can get support built in for these devices. OXP makes no money off OX console or any other software. Why would they not want there devices to be supported? One X player also has to standarize there controls. This way future support is baked in.


    These devices can be more popular. Preticularly the OXP2 cause of the battery, screen size and how well they preform with a light OS leaving alot of room for performance. it makes the device better.

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