Faulty Screen

  • This line appears out of not where on the screen one day. At first it just randomly appear and disappear. Now its permanently there and also a 2nd line appear randomly.


    Support@onexplayer was really slow in responding. 

    Day 1  - No response

    Day 2 - Asked for video

    Day 3 - Acknowledge screen might be faulty ask for SN and model

    Day 4 - no response

    Day 5 -no response

    Day 6 -ask for video

  • @Mobius Ang Hi, sorry for the late reply. The response from our support team might be delay due to high volume of emails, thank you for you understanding. 



    OneXPlayer Team

  • I believe I'm having the same issue. There is a multi color line that appeared on the screen and it won't go away. The console has been in it's case and there's no reason for this to have happened. How can you assist?

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