Sleep screen issues - 1 ex mini pro amd

  • Whenever I push the power button to wake the unit from sleep, half the time the unit comes on (fans and led) but screen stays off. I have to hold the power button off till it turns off. Then try to start up again. Sometimes this takes five to ten times to boot up.  Anyone else having this issue, or have a solution?



  • Yes. I had that problem too. After installing the latest chipset drivers from AMD the problem disappeared.

  • UPD: After updating the drivers, rarely can not go to sleep (S1-S3) and freezes. But so far not a single time that the console could not wake up.

    @Onexplayer, We need a fix for this bug. There are a lot of errors in windows system events that say the bios needs to be updated. I am using windows 10 pro.

  • @Master255 

    Yes even after updating I'm still getting the issue. After the freeze, it takes ten to twenty reboots to get the screen to come on. Very annoying...


  • UPD: Since I posted the last post (two weeks), not a single freeze has occurred. Although I put the console into sleep mode more than twice every day (s1-s3).
    Apparently this is affected by the processes I've been running on the console.
    Probably emulators.

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