Oxp 6800u pro mini fans in automatic mode all the time running at 50%

  • I'm not doing anything with the console right now. It's not charging, it's not updating. There is absolutely nothing going on.
    The task manager shows zero system load.
    The CPU\ssd temperature is 46 degrees.
    The fans are running in automatic mode. 
    They turn off completely, then slowly ramp up to 50% and then turn off again.
    This behavior has been going on since I bought the console. I thought this problem would go away with time. But it's still there.

    OnexNetbook, when will this fan behavior be fixed?

  • Well didnt you said in Discord where you got banned, you don't need help and you know everything? 
    Then you should know, this is programmed like that in bios fan curve for Onex and its normal. 
    But in OXP center you can change to manual mode, but hey, you know everything, so go on. 

  • @Kevin Ro Everything you said, I all know. I don't need Discord where I can get banned. I need official support. And answers from professionals. Don't answer me here, please. I'm waiting for Onexplayer's answer.

  • @Master255 There will never be an official support because its NORMAL ! So no support needed. And i'm talking for Onex there! 

  • @Kevin Ro What's normal in that? All companies have support. This is the first time I've heard of no support in an official forum. Then why did they create this forum? Let them close it down.

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