Steam (or Xbox) button

  • Hello, I have a OneXplayer Min Pro 6800U. The controls work, but I cannnot find something like a Steam (or Xbox or whatever you like) button. How can I configure it for Steam?

    I tried to push Hme button (down left orange button), seems to work likeit should but open the Xbox Game Bar. I tried t inactivate Xbox Game Bar, but it still did the same. Is there a way to change that?

  • press the night mode buttont o activate the center:) 

  • @ONEXPLAYER What is the night mode button on mini pro? I don't find it in the manual. And I cannot activate the center, I have an issue with it (on another topic in this forum).

  • @ONEXPLAYER what does night mode mean? If I turn this on, will the orange button on the left become an Xbox guide button? It only shows the game bar and minimizes all windows right now. 

  • @Luciano nightmode, means the fan working in low speed. and this mode can reduce the noise of fan. but it wont keep in low speed. if device need to run in high speed. system will disable nightmode

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