Make it make sense

  • I bought the 512gb console from them. In 2 months the charger stop working and I had joystick drift. I contacted them and advised them. I also contacted PayPal since it's an over sea company. It took Onexplayer so long to respond to me. Anyway I open the dispute with PayPal.PayPal contacted them and gave them 10 days to respond. They never respond to PayPal. I even hinted to them about the dispute so we can have a win win situation. They mention to send it back. I called all the couriers they quoting 200 to 300 plus tax. I didn't want to pay that much out of pocket. Most company have prepaid return label. PayPal waited for them and they never respond. PayPal close the case and refund the money because of no respond from them. After PayPal refund the money they now offering  prepaid label,refund or exchange. That's not the best part. They are asking me to pay again with the refund PayPal gave me. NO. It's called buyers protection. If you are going to offer product to an International market know the rules. Improve on customer service. If someone contact with an issue, respond in 48 hours lates 72 hours not weeks or months  for some . people. Onexplayer you have a very good concept with your product but you drop the ball on this one.

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