onexplayer 1s joystick in retroarch not detected

  • hi all

    (first of all excuse my english i'm from france)

    i want to play with retroarch ( or any other emulators) to game , bu the onexplayer joystick/button are not detected correctly 

    ex: in a game when left joysyick is moving arrow is moving on the screen ,pressing on any button A.X.Y.B make nothing 

    with cmd/joy.cpl  nothing is detected 


    what i'm doing wrong / how to fix


    tia for helping me 

  • If it is found that the joystick is not in the center value, please use this solution to try :

    joystick drift. (device support Automatic calibration function. please follow this to solve it)

    • pull off charger.
    • switch off device.
    • reboot device after 10 mins
    • don’t touch device till it totally boot on(don’t touch joysticks!!)
    • press keyboard(shortcut) button for 1.5s to activate keyboard and mouse mode(don’t touch joysticks!!).
    • press back(shortcut) button for 10s to calibrate controllers

    check whether the issue has been solved or not? If still has, please check that whether you install some app to customize controllers? For example: the game assistant. Try to remove the last app you installed when the issue happens. See whether it helps?  if it’s not working. check the device manager whether you can see the device name call"XBOX360", if you cannot see the xbox360 device. please try to disable/enable keyboard and mouse mode 1 time till you see the xbox 360 in device manager.  Then try this solution again.

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