Maximizing Profit with BooksRun

  • Hey everyone! I stumbled upon this platform called BooksRun that supposedly buys books in bulk. Has anyone tried selling to them before? I have a bunch of old textbooks I'm looking to get rid of, and I'm curious if it's worth it.

  • Hey there! Yes, I've actually sold my old textbooks to BooksRun before, and it was a fantastic experience! They made the process super easy and hassle-free. I simply inputted the ISBNs of my books on their website, got an instant quote, shipped the books for free, and received payment promptly. Plus, their rates were competitive, so I felt like I got a fair deal for my books. Definitely worth giving it a try if you have textbooks lying around! Check them out at for more info.

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  • Hey there! It's awesome to hear about your positive experience selling textbooks to BooksRun. Their streamlined process sounds like a dream – inputting ISBNs, getting instant quotes, free shipping, and prompt payment. Plus, competitive rates ensure you're getting a fair deal. Thanks for sharing the link – I'll definitely check it out if I have any textbooks gathering dust. It's great to know there's a hassle-free option for turning those old books into cash!

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