ONEXPLAYER 8.4‘’ Original Components

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Original parts for repairs, please contact for instructions.



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William McClary
Not yet received

Hi. Still waiting to receive my battery for my Onexplayer.

Lee Millar
Battery perfect. User a complete idiot.

Really happy with the quality of the battery. Manufactured Oct 2022. Battery stats show it with 0% wear and it would have been perfect if I didn't have trouble with the old battery in getting it out, which after prying, I severed the power connection to the motherboard, now I have a whole different problem, but that's on me, not one-netbook. My point with the latter part of this review is if there was a local location in the U.S in which to have the ability to send it to, in order to have the battery replaced by someone more competent than I am, I would have done that, but the cost and risk of sending it all the way back to China and hoping it made it back here to the U.S in one piece without it costing me a fortune was the reason I took on replacing the battery myself. I obviously messed up, so yeah, after connecting the battery, the onexplayer booted back up automatically with the new battery installed and I had a chance to test the battery and it checks out great. Problem is I have no way to re-power it back on due to the severed connection and that's a whole other issue I'm looking into, but 5 stars for the battery, and on a side note, wishful thinking to have onexplayer local servicing, as I've came to the conclusion I'm just not skilled enough to deal with the micro surgery required to fix my onexplayer if anything goes wrong, never mind a battery replacement.

Isah jabea
Controllers accessories

Please add controller components to replace dead controllers. This will help to solve drifting over time by changing them when old

Daniel Solomon III
New 8.4 model versions

I was hoping that yall still would make the 8.4 models with the new hardware and software like the new 6800u mini pro the reason I bought a oxp because of the size

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